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If you want to stay productive and actually get things done, it’s important that you start taking care of yourself and incorporate self-care habits into your routine, as the most productive people do.

I know it might seem counterintuitive that taking care of yourself could help with productivity, but the truth is quite the opposite. Productivity works best when combined with self-care.

The problem, sometimes, is that our responsibilities can seem like an ever-growing mountain. And when that happens, it’s easy to forget about ourselves and put other people first.

The biggest obstacle I see for many people is that they don’t even know how or where to start when it comes to having solid daily self-care habits. However, things get much easier once you start with little baby steps.

Whether it’s something as simple as doing yoga every morning before work or making time for some alone time in an empty room every evening, setting up your personal blueprint will help you feel better about yourself and be more capable of getting tasks accomplished.

As an added bonus, by looking after yourself first each day, you’ll also be able to better look after those around you later on.

In the previous article, I went through some tips on how to create a self-care routine that helps improve productivity; the myths about self-care that you need to be aware of, and the most important things that you need to consider when making a self-care routine.

In this article, we’ll go over the self-care habits of the most productive people that will help you feel more accomplished every day, reduce stress, and give you the energy you need to get through the day.

The benefits of self-care

benefits of self-care for productivity

First, let’s dive a little deeper into the benefits of self-care.

Your mental health is the number one thing that you need to think about and prioritize in your self-care plan. Because it will suffer if your life is completely consumed by work and responsibilities all day long.

While some people think of it as selfish or a waste of time, spending time focusing on yourself can be very important. It’s good for you, physically and mentally.

Self-care can help you sleep better, have better concentration, and build stronger connections with the people around you. It can make you a much happier person with less stress and anxiety.

But what does “self-care” mean, exactly?

There are tons of articles out there that outline how to practice self-care, from taking bubble baths and hiking to coloring and journaling. These approaches often fail to address how difficult it can be to create these habits.

Today I’m going to break down some easy habits that productive people have to take care of themselves without overcommitting their schedule or draining their bank account. Here they are…

1. Productive people get a good night’s sleep

Getting enough sleep isn’t only essential for overall health and wellness; it also makes us more productive in our waking hours. So make sure to get good sleep (quality and quantity-wise).

You can also have sleep rituals to ensure that you get better sleep at night. For example, find ways to wind down before bedtime by reading a book (reading is linked with better sleep quality); taking a warm bath, or doing something else that helps relax you prior to going to bed.

2. They start the day with class

self-care morning habits for productivity

You know that old saying about someone who has been grumpy all day long, “He got up on the wrong side of the bed”? Whoever came up with this knows the importance of getting a good start to the day.

Having a good morning routine that is going to cheer you up and get you in a good mood for the rest of the day is crucial for productivity.

There are plenty of techniques and tricks that can be used as part of your morning ritual, like maybe wearing something nice and putting on some makeup, wearing your favorite perfume, and many more things that you can do.

You choose what suits you best and what gets your day started on the right foot, haha. But make sure not to overload your morning routine schedule.

3. They eat healthy, nutritious food

The choices we make about food, drink, and snacks have a significant impact on our mood, energy levels, and productivity in the short and long term.

When you eat healthily and take care of your body, different areas of your life will improve as well.

So, make sure to eat three healthy meals a day, and don’t forget to choose healthy snacks too. Because most of the time, it’s the snacks that sabotage our healthy eating plans.

Most importantly, drink plenty of water. And don’t try to get hydrated with any other type of drink because there’s nothing like water. The benefits of drinking water are huge for physical performance, energy, memory, and brain performance.

4. Productive people exercise regularly

Regular exercise boosts energy levels and keeps stress levels low. It gets you ready for work by making your blood pump and your mind prepare for the day’s activities.

To lower stress during long days at work or while attending school full-time; try reserving time every morning to fit in a short workout or head out for a walk during lunch break every day.

Sometimes physical activity doesn’t need to be strenuous! Simply walking around outside is good for your body and mind.

5. Productive people schedule a me-time

Spending some time each day thinking about what you need, and doing something about it can dramatically improve your mental health.

You can manage your stress levels, combat feelings of isolation and loneliness, improve your outlook on life, and get more accomplished by nurturing yourself.

When you have so much to do, making time for rest is sometimes easier said than done. However, if you take steps now to include some me time in your daily routine, you’ll be better able to focus on high-priority tasks in both work and life.

For example, one thing that you can do when you get off work at 5 p.m. is to set an alarm on your phone for 7:00 p.m. that reminds you to shut down and put everything away to enjoy a self-dedicated time that you have planned only for you.

6. They make technology-free time

We check our phones, tablets, and computers hundreds of times a day—often without even realizing it—and all that screen time comes at a cost.

Remember what silence sounds like (by unplugging from social media), and spend real time with people instead of just liking their photos on Instagram.

There are excellent non-screen hobbies that you can do, like reading or gardening, which often lead to creative thinking. You can also meet up with friends in real life, over brunch rather than on virtual coffee dates.

A recent study showed that simply having our cell phones in the same room (even if we are able to resist the urge to check them) can impair our available cognitive capacity.

So the key to making a proper technology-free time is to completely remove any connected devices from the place we’re at. And enjoy some real connection with our families, friends, or just ourselves.

7. They take a mental health day once a week

Being a very productive person doesn’t mean they work uninterrupted all the time. This is humanly impossible. It can lead to draining stress and major health problems.

If you’re like the majority of workaholics out there, you’ll only take a day off if you need medical treatment. But the truth is that your mental health needs as much attention as your physical health. Maybe even more!

Your mind needs a break too, or else you’re going to bear the consequences. You may experience more anxiety, find it difficult to concentrate, become easily irritated, and eventually need more medical attention. These are a few reasons why you need to take a mental health day.

8. They surround themselves with the right people

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.

Jim Rohn

This statement refers to the great importance of the types of connections we have with people around us and their significant impact on our lives. Our relationships can either lift and empower us or bring us down.

The energy emitted from the people we interact with on a daily basis can have an impact on our way of thinking, self-esteem, and confidence.

So make sure to eliminate toxic relationships from your life and surround yourself with positive, happy people. These kinds of relationships are a form of self-care that you have to pay attention to in order to succeed in increasing productivity.

9. Productive people do things they enjoy

Maybe you have heard this before, including from me when I talk about ways to increase productivity. Doing things you love and loving what you do is what can keep you productive.

This doesn’t only mean enjoying your work but also doing things you enjoy that have nothing to do with work.

You can make time for a hobby of your choice. It can have great benefits for your physical and mental health, your creativity, and your overall personal growth.

When you include activities that you really enjoy doing in your self-care habits, it will lift your mood, energy, and productivity.

Final thoughts

Put these tips into practice to create well-rounded self-care habits today as the most productive people do. Even small changes go a long way toward boosting focus and improving efficiency throughout your day.

The best part about self-care habits is that there are tons of different ways to do it that all contribute to your health and well-being, you can try the tips mentioned above or get creative and try different things!

Do you have other ideas for self-care habits that improve productivity? Tell us in the comments!

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9 self-care habits of the most productive people
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